Zoom Teeth Whitening

Big event coming up? Want a beautiful white smile?

Zoom teeth whitening will remove stains from within your teeth, whitening them and giving you a bright, confident smile. It’s high strength, light activated and a 1.5 hour procedure so you can go home with a brilliant smile on the same day!

What is ZOOM Teeth Whitening?

Philips ZOOM whitening uses the latest in teeth whitening technology. The ZOOM Whitening method is an incredibly safe way to setup for professionally whitening your teeth.

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What does that mean?

It means that with our careful setup techniques we are able to use strong whitening gel to get your teeth sparkly white quickly and safely.

Our team of professionals will walk you through preparing for and setting you up for your session, so you get the most out of your session.

Why Whiten?

We all have our vices – Coffee, Wine, Tea or too much Vegemite. Don’t feel anxious about your teeth, we can help!

Maybe a wedding to attend?

Tell us when! We also do couples’ specials and get you ready in time!

“It’s a new year”

We understand!

It’s July?

Okay, well there’s no wrong time, we suppose.

How it Works:

We cover up all your gums (as high-strength tooth bleach can damage your gums), then apply the bleach in 4 15-minute sessions. The bleach breaks down pigments and stains within your teeth, and we give you a relief gel afterwards to manage the temporary  sensitivity.

If you’re having a lot of sensitivity, you may decide to switch to the relief gel for the last session.

How to Prepare

We’d like our patients to get the most out of their ZOOM whitening sessions.

The best way to understand the ZOOM Whitening process is to have one of our team explain it to you.

CALL US: (02) 6262 0423


  • Sensodyne Toothpaste
  • Two Nurofens (if recommended – Call us!)
  • Recent Check-up & Clean for best results.

Frequently Asked Questions

ZOOM Whitening without a check-up?

Sure, but if there’s a cavity or a wear spot somewhere, we wouldn’t be putting the whitening Gel on there, we block that area out so you wouldn’t get the most out of your ZOOM Whitening session.

Book in for a check-up to get the most out of your ZOOM Whitening session.

Can I get ZOOM Whitening if I haven’t had a clean?

Sure can, but it’s not magic, it’s activated whitening gel. It can’t get
through plaque and calculus.

Book in for a clean to get the most out of your ZOOM Whitening session.

Does it work on old fillings or crowns?

Unfortunately, no. Old fillings we might be able to tidy up or polish?

What can I eat after ZOOM Whitening?

A general rule is to avoid any heavily coloured food that might stain a white shirt. If in doubt, leave it out – it’s only a few days! This includes things like red wine, soy sauce, curries etc.

Is it harmful and does it hurt?

It is not harmful, but it can get quite sensitive if the bleach goes into cavities and if you haven’t prepared for the session. You may also experience some sensitivity. Our team can talk you through how to minimise it.

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