This Month’s Dental Offers

Check-up & Clean

Get those teeth feeling fresh and clean. For a limited time, we’re offering all new Gungahlin Family Dental patients a check-up with 2 x-rays, scale and clean and fluoride.
Offer only available for New Patients on weekdays only.

From  $295

Or if you have recent x-rays – $225 

Wisdom Teeth Consultations

If you’ve already had a dental X-ray, then get a Wisdom Teeth consultation for only $80. Don’t have your X-ray yet? No problem, we have an OPG X-ray machine – OPG x-ray and wisdom teeth consultation for $150.

From $80.00

Zoom Teeth Whitening

Want to get the best out of your Zoom Whitening treatment? Book in with a check-up and clean for only $745.

Offer available weekdays only. 

From $595.00 (Zoom Whitening Only)

From $795.00 (With Checkup, X-rays and Clean)


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