Emergency Dentistry

Can’t wait to have your tooth fixed? Give us a call on 02 6262 0423 and we’ll see if we can make a priority appointment for you. If you’re very anxious at the dentist, please let us know and our friendly receptionists can discuss options including “happy gas” with you.

Broken or Chipped Tooth

Cracked tooth? Sometimes they cause toothaches, sometimes they just don’t look great. Our dentists can take a look and restore your tooth to being functional and beautiful again.

Dental trauma or knocked out teeth

If you’ve had a tooth injury or knocked out a tooth, you should be seen as soon as possible by a dentist to have it stabilised! Call us and we’ll help talk you through the more time-sensitive aspects like what to do with the tooth.


Whether it be sharp pain or dull, throbbing pain, toothaches can be very disruptive to your life – make an emergency appointment with us and we can help give you toothache relief.

Facial swellings

If you have a swelling or lump on the outside of your face, you need treatment as soon as possible – these are usually caused by a tooth or gum abscess or infection, and can spread even overnight.

Gum problems

Gum problems can result in loose teeth, bleeding gums, gum swellings, and sometimes, but not always, gum pain – book an appointment to see how we can help with this, or if you want to know more – read more about gum disease or “periodontitis” here.

Wisdom Teeth Problems

Need pain relief for wisdom teeth? Sometimes we just need to help them as they come through, and sometimes you may need wisdom tooth removal to manage wisdom tooth pain, especially if there is swelling around your wisdom teeth. Read more about how we can manage your wisdom tooth pain here.

Need to see a dentist now?

If you need to have a chat with one of our friendly after hours dentists, call us now.

CALL US: (02) 6262 0423

Frequently Asked Questions

My tooth was hurting a lot but now it has stopped, do I still need to see a dentist?

Tooth pain sometimes goes away by itself – however this does not mean that the problem is gone. For example, an infected tooth may settle down after a course of antibiotics – but even though the pain is gone the infection can stay in the tooth, causing symptoms again after a while. It is best to have it checked to prevent these issues from coming back the day before Christmas!

How can I manage the pain until my appointment at Gungahlin Family Dental?

The best answer to this really depends on what is causing the pain – it will be different for an ulcer, or for a toothache, or for gum pain. A topical cream could be best or over the counter medication. If you can’t get in straight away, ask us what would be best for you.

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