Crowns & Bridges

Sometimes for very broken down or missing teeth, a laboratory-made tooth restoration is best for your tooth – book in for a consult to find out how best to treat your tooth.

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What are Dental Crowns

Sometimes called a ‘cap’ or ‘lab-made restoration’, dental crowns are made in a lab outside of your mouth. They are designed to strengthen the tooth and ‘hold’ the rest of the tooth together.

Why do some teeth need crowns? The main reason why your teeth may need a dental crown is to strengthen them, especially when teeth are cracked or worn down. Sometimes they are also used as an implant to replace a missing tooth, or on root canal treated teeth (to protect your investment).

Occasionally, dental crowns can also be used for aesthetics (to make teeth look better), these are often referred to as Veneers – to fix colour, shape, or position of teeth.

If you have one of these concerns, speak to the dentist about whether your tooth needs a crown or can support a bridge.

Same-Day Crowns

Need a crown, but don’t want to spend the time or hassle of coming back for multiple appointments? At Gungahlin Family Dental, we know you’re busy – so we’ve invested in CEREC Cad-Cam technology so your dentist can design and make your crown on-site, meaning no need for temporary crowns and impressions – we can make and cement your new crown on the same day, in one appointment!

What are Dental Bridges?

A dental bridge is a method of replacing missing teeth. Bridges can be an excellent option to replace a small number of missing teeth. Typically, a dental bridge involves putting crowns on the teeth next to the gap, with a ‘fake’ crown joining the two crowns together. This can be an especially good option if the teeth next door has big fillings, as this means those teeth may benefit from having a crown to strengthen them. 

There are also a few other less common bridges that may be right for you, as every situation is different – find out what the best option to replace your missing tooth by reading our ‘missing teeth’ page or booking a consult with one of our dentists.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Does my mouth need a crown or bridge?

If there’s a specific area you’re concerned about, book in for a consult.

Otherwise, it’s best to get an overall picture of your mouth before we recommend treatment for a specific area – there may be other teeth that are more of a concern or a bigger priority – call us now to book for a full check-up where we can check your mouth, teeth and gums. 

What’s the process for crown or bridge?

  1. First visit to prepare the teeth, take impressions and make a temporary crown or bridge.
  2. A little time in the lab is needed for the dental technician to design and build the crown or bridge.
  3. One final visit to check we’re happy with it and cement the crown or bridge once it’s back from the lab.

Or if your particular tooth suits, you may be able to get a same-day CEREC crown at our practice – where the crown is designed and made by your dentist in-house – where we just prepare the tooth, take a digital picture scan, design and create, and cement the crown on the same day. We know you’re busy – that’s why we’ve gone to the trouble to make the process as hassle-free for you as possible! 

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