Wisdom Teeth Removal

Wisdom teeth giving you trouble? Book a consult with one of our friendly dentists today and we can assess your wisdom teeth. We have an OPG x-ray machine in our surgery, which means we can assess your wisdom teeth on the same day.

Do I need my Wisdom Teeth removed?

Not all wisdom teeth need to be removed – some may just need some preventative treatment to prevent flare-ups and infections while they are coming through. Others may need removal because there may not be enough space in the jaw for them to come through, or they may start to affect the neighbouring teeth. Our friendly dentists will be able to tell you how best to manage your wisdom teeth.

Need your Wisdom Teeth Out?

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Anxious about the procedure?

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Wisdom Tooth Pain?

Most people these days don’t have enough space for their wisdom teeth in their jawbone, which can cause: 

  • Impacted” wisdom teeth which means they aren’t coming through straight
  • Packing food against the tooth in front and creating a hole (decay)
  • Partly erupted teeth which cause infections in the surrounding gums

Food or other debris may also be jammed around these teeth because:

  • Wisdom teeth are really hard to clean as they’re so far back, and if they’re coming through at odd angles they’re even harder. 
  • This can cause decay in the wisdom teeth and the teeth they’re next to.
  • Sometimes depending on their angle, it’s impossible to properly clean around them at home, so they get food stuck and the surrounding gums get infected.

You may also being experiencing trauma in surrounding areas. For example; your wisdom teeth may be sticking out at odd angles – this can cause chronic cheek-biting, or bite on the gums on the opposite side, your cheeks, tongue or surrounding gums.

What are wisdom teeth?

A wisdom tooth is the last of the three molars at the back of your mouth. These pesky teeth tend to erupt in your late teens or early twenties. Some people have four wisdom teeth (two on the bottom and two on the top) – but some people may not have them at all.

What’s the Process? 

Wisdom Tooth Assessments
  • Check tooth orientation with an x-ray, where they sit in the jaw, any potential issues they might be causing
  • Assess the difficulty or need for Extraction 
  • Discuss the recovery time and how to plan it around your life
Short Term Pain Management
  • We will discuss the specific causes of pain and how to manage it
  • Tips for pain management when at home.
  • If the wisdom teeth are causing pain, we can clean out any plaque or food debris to help it settle
Sedation Options
  • Based on any complexities with your teeth and preferences for treatment.
Extraction Options
  • Understanding which procedure will suit you best – Whether to do them all at once, one side at a time, upper ones or lower ones
Extraction Day
  • Stepping you through preparation for your appointment, the expected recovery time and your after-care package.
After-Care Package
  • Post-Operative Instructions – Very important! Please Read Carefully
  • Spare Gauze
  • Cleaning Syringe – to help you keep the area clean 
  • Your dentist will go through any instructions that may be specific to you on the day.

Wisdom Tooth Procedure Fees (weekday only):

Consultation & Wisdom Tooth Clean
Consultation & Full Mouth X-Ray
Consultation & X-Ray & Wisdom Tooth Clean

Book a Wisdom Teeth assessment

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